serves 8


1 kg small mussels (Moules, Vongole)
1 kg black mussels, not too big
250 g pork meat (strips)

250 g chicken/turkey meat in strips
400 g prawns unpeeled
250 g shrimps peeled, cooked

4-6 squids (not too big)
2-3 cuttlefish, depending on size
1 big tin of peas
2 onions
10 cloves of garlic
4 jalapeno peppers (not hot, different colours)
Ca. 10 small pouches of Saffron
Ca. 5 cups Rice 
Ca. 4 Liters Beef-tea or chicken-broth
Olive Oil
Dry white wine
2 lemon
Salt, pepper (black),
Soy sauce (salted),
div. spices, garlic powder (add to taste)


Clean the mussels and cook them separately (in salted water and lemon) 
Of the black mussels keep one half only. Dispose off the empty shells. If a mussel does not open during cooking...DISPOSE off. mussels which are already open before cooking...DISPOSE off as well.

Clean the squids and the cuttlefish. For your convenience you may already buy them cleaned and sliced (but then you'll miss the special paella feeling).
Marinate them separately for about 3 hours (salt, lemon, pepper, garlic powder, olive oil and white wine)
Marinate the pork and chicken meat for about 3 hours too (salt, pepper, condiments, soy sauce, wine)
Clean shrimps and prawns and put them in salted water with lemon for 2-3 hours.

Cut the jalapeno peppers in strips.
Now, don't forget to drink some aperitivs/cocktails during this time together with your friends (see my
favorite drinks).

Use a genuine paella pan!

Use wooden stirring equipment.

Stir-fry garlic, onions and jalapena peppers in olive oil.

Add meat and stir-fry it too.

Add squid and cuttlefish (you may add some more olive oil too).

Add some white wine and cook all together for 10 minutes.

Add the Rice (distribute it well).
Add chicken-broth (beef-tea) and let it cook until the rice is becoming soft. Add chicken-broth every time in small portions (stir constantly !!!).

Add Saffron from time to time until everything gets a nice yellow colour.

Now you may add the small mussels and the shrimps.

Don't forget to add chicken-broth.

Now add the prawns and the peas.

Cook it until the rice is soft (al dente)
Add the black mussels and adjust taste with spices at your convenience.

Enjoy it !!!!

PS: You may probably have some Paella left after the meal. Don't use doggy bags for your friends....keep it.

Paella tastes much better the next day...just add some white wine and use your microwave to get it warm......this is extraordinary....

Cooking Stages:

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